The Government Equalities Office ("GEO") has confirmed that the publication of the final Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2016 has been delayed. The GEO is now expecting that the Regulations will be laid before Parliament in the autumn and will commence in April 2017. 

The delay is not expected to change the first month in which the gender pay gap must be assessed (April 2017). However, the final Regulations are likely to require employers to take a snapshot of their gender pay gap on April 5 each year, rather than April 30 as originally stated in the draft Regulations.

Employers will have to publish their first set of data by April 2018.

Meanwhile, the Institute for fiscal studies has published research putting the overall gender pay gap at 18%. The gap widens considerably for mothers and, by the time their first child is 12, the gap is 33%.

More information on the gender pay gap reporting obligations can be found in our previous alert  here.