When PUCO Chairman Tom Johnson spoke at the first meeting of Ohio’s energy standards review committee, it became clear that there was a misunderstanding about what the committee was expecting to hear from him, according to a recent Columbus Business First article. The committee members were expecting Johnson to broadly address the eight aspects of Ohio’s energy standards that they are tasked with reviewing. Johnson “testified about the eighth portion, a relatively minor part that looks at payments electric utility companies make to third-party companies to promote energy efficiency.” When asked why his testimony was limited to that portion, Johnson said that was “what he was asked to do.” Sen. Bill Seitz (R-Cincinnati) “asked Johnson to provide multiple pieces of information to the committee, including what impact the U.S. EPA’s proposed carbon reduction rules on power plants could have on the state’s renewables and efficiency outlook.” Johnson said PUCO would do its best to provide more information at future committee meetings. The committee, a requirement of Senate Bill 310 that froze Ohio’s energy efficiency and renewable energy standards for two years while the committee reviews them, is required to present a report with its suggestions to the General Assembly by September 30, 2015. For more, read the full article.