The Ohio United Way is scheduled to receive approximately $8.9 million in federal funds under the Emergency Food and Shelter Program, a federal program that provides funding for food, shelter and supportive services for homeless and hungry residents. According to Barbara Sykes, president and CEO of the Ohio United Way, Ohio has been awarded the seventh largest state allocation. More than 90 percent of the funding will go directly to the counties through a national board, with 68 counties qualified to receive the direct allocation. The remaining $716,159 will be allocated by a state-level committee made up of Sykes and representatives from the following organizations:

  • The Salvation Army;
  • American Red Cross;
  • Ohio Jewish Communities;
  • Catholic Conference of Ohio;
  • the Ohio Council of Churches;
  • Ohio Association of Second Harvest Food Banks;
  • Children’s Hunger Alliance;
  • the Coalition on Homelessness and Housing;
  • Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies;
  • Ohio State Legal Services;
  • the departments of aging, development, and job and family services.

The funds will be allocated to the remaining 20 counties that did not qualify for the direct allocation. According to Sykes, “in many cases Emergency Food and Shelter funds are the only resource nonprofit and community based organizations have to meet basic needs, and in these particularly tough times the additional money this program has received will be put to good use in helping to address the emergency needs of low and moderate income residents.”