In 2014, the number of invention patent applications accepted by China ranked the first in the world for 4 consecutive years, and the quality of applications was also improved gradually, while the number of authorizations was also increased greatly.

Gan Shaoning, Deputy Director of State Intellectual Property Office introduced in the press conference related to applications for invention patents within China in 2014 held recently that, in the last year, the State Intellectual Property Office accepted 928,000 applications for invention patents, with a 12.5% year-on-year growth, which made China rank the first in the world.

Among those applications, many of them were submitted by enterprises, which became the major subject for creating intellectual property rights. In 2014, Chinese enterprises submitted 485,000 applications for invention patents, accounting for 60.5% of total number of applications within China; while 92,000 applications for invention patents submitted by Chinese enterprises were approved, accounting for 56.4% of total number of approvals within China.

Scientific and technological enterprises took the lead in terms of approved invention patent application. Huawei, with its 2409 applications, ranked the first in terms of the number of invention patent granted, and ZTE, with 2218 applications, ranked the second. The data reflected their innovation strength and technological level, and the invention patents also became a strong shield to protect the innovative product of enterprise. (Source: Science and Technology Daily)