A report by NHS Clinical Commissioners (NHS CC) calls for a more joined up approach to primary care commissioning. NHS CC found that the reforms to primary care commissioning were not supporting ‘transformational ambitions’ at a local level and that clinical commissioners must be able to jointly commission services with NHS England if quality of care is to improve.

The publication, ‘Primary Care Commissioning, Transforming healthcare in the community’ explores the challenges to improving quality and offers some examples of good working partnerships and explains why integrated services must be founded on a ‘whole system’ commissioning strategy if clinical commissioners are to improve care to patients and local communities.

Moving forward, NHS CC believe that an immediate change NHS England could implement that would improve collaboration between area teams and clinical commissioners would be to give ‘teams greater autonomy in deciding their local approach to primary care commissioning, rather than adopting a single operating framework’.

NHS CC’s full report is available here.