McNamara Options Ltd. agreed to pay a fine of US $70,000 to resolve charges brought by the New York Mercantile Exchange that it failed to accurately reflect execution times on multiple block trade submissions and failed to report such block trades within required time frames. NYMEX also alleged that the firm did not “properly” train its employees regarding its requirements to accurately reflect the execution time of block trades on submissions. 

Unrelatedly, Ze Qian, a nonmember, resolved an unrelated disciplinary action by NYMEX that claimed he prearranged the execution of transactions involving steel futures between an account he traded for his employer and an account owned and controlled by another person to enable Mr. Qian’s employer to receive trade credits from a market-maker incentive program administered by the exchange. To resolve this matter, Mr. Qian agreed to pay a fine of US $5,000 and serve a two-year all CME Group exchanges’ access ban. 

Additionally, three nonmembers were all fined either US $40,ooo or US $50,000 by the Commodity Exchange, Inc. or NYMEX and permanently barred from accessing CME Group exchanges for trading for engaging in spoofing trading. The three persons are Shiv Agarwal, Krishna Lakani and In-Ho Hwang. Finally, Boston Metal Co., Ltd was also sanctioned US $40,000 for failing to supervise one of its employees who allegedly engaged in spoofing trading and for not ensuring that each of its traders used a unique Tag 50 identification when placing electronic orders.