Imperial has announced that it will be spending $100 million to test a new “non‐thermal” oil sands technology that uses solvents, rather than heating water to produce steam, in its in‐situ operations to thin heavy oil sands crude enabling it to flow. Imperial is also looking at using solvents in mining, with a “non‐aqueous” process that promises to cut water use in oil sands mines by up to 90 percent.

CNRL has entered into a long ‐term gas processing agreement with Williams Energy Canada. Under this agreement, Williams will invest $500‐600 million to extract, transport, fractionate, own and market natural gas liquids and olefins captured from the off gas produced at the CNRL owned Horizon upgrader near Fort McMurray. The process is expected to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from the Horizon upgrader by approximately 200,000 tonnes per year.