EBA announces further details of stress tests: EBA has published a document covering the main features of the 2014 EU-wide stress test. The stress tests will be conducted on 124 EU banks, assessing their resilience during a three-year period. The document provides further details on the set of risks that will be used and the capital thresholds that entities will be required to meet under the different scenarios of the test. Publication of the final methodology and scenarios is expected for April, with a view to publishing the final results of the tests in October. Related to this development, ECB has also published a note on the comprehensive assessment that it will carry out in relation to those EU banks that will be subject to ECB supervision under the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). Apart from commentary on the stress tests that ECB will run along EBA, the note provides an update on data collection for the asset quality review (AQR) and on quality assurance during the whole process. The AQR methodology and portfolio selection should be completed by Q1 2014, so that the execution phase can then commence and be finalised by the time the SSM begins to function. (Source: EBA Announces Key Features of the 2014 EU-Wide Stress Test and ECB Note on the Comprehensive Assessment)