On May 3, 2012, the California Assembly passed a bill that would require health insurers that are regulated by the Department of Insurance to submit information to the department when the insurer plans to terminate its contract with a provider group or hospital. The bill also would require insurers to provide insureds with additional disclosures. The 80-member Assembly passed Assembly Bill 2152 with a 46-25 vote.

AB 2152, which is sponsored by the Department of Insurance, has three major elements.

  1. The bill would require a health insurer to notify the Department of Insurance at least 75 days before the insurer terminates its contract with a provider group or hospital to provide services at alternative rates of payment. The department would have the authority to review and approve the written notice that the insurer proposes to send to the insureds affected by the termination. 
  2. AB 2152 would require a health insurer to include in its disclosure form a statement clearly describing the basic method of reimbursement made to its contracting providers of health care services, and whether financial bonuses or any other incentives are used. 
  3. AB 2152 would require health insurance policies to include additional notices and disclosures. 

The bill is now waiting to be assigned to a Senate committee.