Global Regulators

IOSCO releases report on current corporate governance practices in emerging markets. The International Organization of Securities Commissions published a report on corporate governance in emerging markets. The report identifies potential measures and regulatory approaches designed to strengthen corporate governance in emerging market jurisdictions and harmonize regulatory frameworks with internationally recognized standards. (10/3/2016) IOSCO press release.

OTC Derivatives Compliance Calendar. The International Swaps and Derivatives Association updated its OTC Derivatives Compliance Calendar. (9/30/2016) OTC Derivatives Compliance Calendar. 

Basel Committee issues FAQs on the global supervisory framework for measuring and controlling large exposures. The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision published responses to frequently asked questions on the supervisory framework for measuring and controlling large exposures. The FAQs include information on the treatment of exposures to qualifying central counterparties related to clearing activities, the application of the large exposure limit to interbank exposures, and other issues related to the large exposures framework. (9/28/2016)BIS press release.

Basel Committee finalizes guidance on financial inclusion in the regulation and supervision of banks and banking systems. The Basel Committee released guidance on the application of its Core Principles for Effective Banking Supervisionto the regulation and supervision of institutions relevant to financial inclusion. The guidance identifies areas where additional guidance is needed in the application of the Core Principles to the supervision of financial institutions engaged in serving the financially unserved and underserved. (9/27/2016) BIS press release. 

ISDA publishes recommendation for newest version of FpML. ISDA released the recommendation for the Financial products Markup Language version 5.9, which reflects the SEC’s reporting requirements for security-based swaps and clarification on the reporting obligations under MIFID II/MIFIR. (9/22/2016) ISDA press release.

Basel Committee releases Basel III implementation assessments of Argentina and Korea. The Basel Committee published reports assessing the implementation of the Basel risk-based capital framework and the Liquidity Coverage Ratio for Argentina and Korea. The Basel Committee’s assessments of Argentina and Korea found that the jurisdictions were either compliant or largely compliant with the Basel standards. (9/21/2016) BIS press release.