Atlas Commodities, LLC, a Commodity Futures Trading Commission-registered introducing broker, agreed to pay a fine of US $65,000 to resolve a disciplinary action brought by ICE Futures U.S. that it failed to properly handled block trades for its customers. According to IFUS, Atlas may have on unspecified “multiple occasions” misreported to it the correct execution time of block trades; reported such trades beyond the 15-minute required reporting period; and failed to have adequate procedures to ensure correct trade details were reported to it. IFUS said that Atlas also might not have recorded and maintained oral records related to the execution of a consummated block trade, as required for non-member IBs. Separately, a member firm resolved a disciplinary action with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange by agreeing to pay a fine of US $42,500. CME had alleged that, between December 2014 and January 2015 and again in April 2015, the firm, using an algorithmic trading program, entered incrementally widening spreads between the bid and offer prices in CME’s equity options markets, “causing aberrant bid and offer prices.” CME acknowledged that the member firm fixed this problem in January 2015, but alleged it failed to include this fix in a subsequent update of its ATS; this caused the problem to reoccur in April.