According to the World Intellectual Property Indicators 2014 announced by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) on December 16, 2014, the global annual patent filing in 2013 indicating continuous growth. The growth is mainly driven by a robust double-digit increase in China, as about one-third of nearly 2,600,000 patent applications in the world were filed in China, respectively followed by the US and Japan.

The WIPO Director General stated in a public announcement that the rapid growth of patent filing in China was directly related to the transformation of China’s economic structure. China has been undergoing a transition from not just "Made in China" to "Created in China." This includes a fundamental change from manufacturing industries to knowledge-intensive industries. In this process, the intellectual property rights have played a critical role.

From the perspective of patent filing, there were about 2,570,000 patent applications filed all over the world in 2013, wherein more than 820,000 cases were filed in China, which is 32.1% of the total amount of patent applications filed across the world. The United States filed 22.3% of the remainder, or around 570,000 applications, and Japan filed 12.8% for around 328,000 applications, third on the list.

Computer technology was the leading field, with 7.6% of the total applications, followed by electrical machinery, measurement, digital communication, and medical technology.

Expanding further upon the different country’s specialization of patent applications, the majority of patent applications in the field of pharmaceuticals were in Switzerland. Patent applications in the field of food chemistry were primarily based in the Russian Federation. France and Germany each has the most patent applications mainly relating to transportation. The patent applications filed in China, Korea, the United States, and the United Kingdom were mainly focused in the domain of computer technology.

[Data Source: SIPO Website and WIPO Website]