Bucks Fizz: remember them? Britons of a certain age sure do, if only because they are so far the penultimate British winners of that dubious honour, the Eurovision song contest. Members of the band have continued to tour (you can imagine the kinds of venues), but in rival factions. The issue for the UK Intellectual Property Office (IPO) was who owned the rights to the band’s name. Robert Gubby, one of the original members, has been touring under the name Bucks Fizz with Heidi Manton, a member who joined the group in 1993 when one of the original members left to pursue a solo career (whatever happened to her?). The other three original members have been touring under name The Original Bucks Fizz (and a bunch of other names) since 2004. Gubby and Manton registered the trade mark BUCKS FIZZ in 2001, not without opposition from The Original Bucks Fizz. Gubby and Manton in turn opposed registration of that moniker.

Things came to a head, with the IPO ultimately ruling in Gubby and Manton’s favour. Any confusion about which faction was the real/original Bucks Fizz arose solely when The Original Bucks Fizz started performing. No member of the public would expect the group calling itself Bucks Fizz to consist of the original members, given that they hadn’t performed together since 1985 and in light of 15 subsequent line-up changes even before the name became controversial [Link available here].