Although the details have not been made official, it has been reported that the Canada-European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) would result in Canada introducing a form of patent term restoration, for up to two years, for pharmaceutical patents. Additional changes for pharmaceutical patents may also be forthcoming; however, the text of the treaty was only agreed to in principle and is not yet publicly available.  

Bill C-434, the “Terminator Seeds Ban Act”, is reinstated in Parliament

A private-members bill, C-434, has been reinstated in Parliament. The bill is entitled the “Terminator Seeds Ban Act”, and it would make it an offence to release terminator seeds. It would also amend the Patent Act, making the technology ineligible for patent protection. Private member bills rarely become law.  

Health Canada has issued a Post-Notice of Compliance (NOC) Changes: Quality Document.  

The PMPRB has released its 2012 Annual Report.