The United States Senate Environment and Public Works Committee (“Committee”) held a hearing on February 8th titled:

Oversight: Modernizing Our Nation’s Infrastructure

The Committee hearing focused on the need for investment in the nation’s infrastructure (including drinking water infrastructure).

A key focus of the hearing was the various financing mechanisms utilized by communities to pay for infrastructure investment. Included in this discussion was review of the “Water Infrastructure Finance Innovation Act (“WIFIA”) program.

The American Water Works Association (“AWWA”) submitted comments to the Committee addressing:

  • The benefits of the WIFIA program
  • How drinking water utilities utilize funds to invest in water treatment

The AWWA describes itself as the “largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, the world’s most important resource.”

The AWWA identified the WIFIA as a cost-effective mechanism to assist communities in addressing what is described as a “$1.3 trillion price tag for needed water infrastructure investments.” Further, the WIFIA is cited as supporting projects beyond the scope of the State Revolving Fund.