Simon Posen, a member, agreed to pay a fine of US $90,000 to resolve charges that on multiple dates from November 2014 through March 2015 he entered orders or layered orders in silver and copper futures on the Commodity Exchange, Inc. without the intent to take positions but to encourage other market participants to trade against smaller positions he had established on the opposite of the market. Within seconds after his smaller orders were filled, alleged COMEX, Mr. Posen cancelled his larger resting orders. COMEX also claimed that Mr. Posen engaged in another type of disruptive trading in February and March 2015. In addition to paying a fine, Mr. Posen agreed to a four-week suspension to all CME Group trading access. Also, Aspire Commodity LP agreed to settle a disciplinary action brought by ICE Futures U.S. that alleged it may have violated a position limit on one occasion when it held a position in excess of a conditional limit in the Henry HUB LD1 Fixed Price Future. To qualify to trade up to five times the spot month limit in the commodity, a trader must agree not to hold a position in the corresponding CME Group Natural Gas futures contract during the last three days of trading. Aspire paid a fine of $37,000 and disgorgement of profits of $18,477.50 to resolve this matter.