The Department of State just released an Update to its July 2007 Visa Bulletin. The following is the Update:

"The sudden backlog reduction efforts by Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices during the past month have resulted in the use of almost 60,000 Employment numbers. As a result of this unexpected action it has been neces-sary to make immediate adjustments to several previously announced cut-off dates. All Citizenship and Immigration Services Offices have been notified of the following:

Effective Monday July 2, 2007 there will be no further authorizations in response to requests for Employment-based preference cases. All numbers available to these categories under the FY-2007 annual numerical limitation have been made available.

Employment preference numbers will once again be available to these chargeability areas beginning October 1, 2007, under the FY-2008 annual numerical limitation."

Because the DOS has indicated that all employment-based immigrant visa categories have become unavailable, the USCIS will now not accept any additional adjustment of status application filings received on or after July 2, 2007, until the applicant's priority date becomes available again. THIS INCLUDES ALL EMPLOYMENT-BASED CATEGORIES, INCLUDING THE CATEGORIES WHICH PREVIOUSLY WERE NOT RETROGRESSED (e.g. EB-1 WORLD, EB-2 WORLD, EB-4, AND EB-5). The DOS has indicated that the earliest date on which priority dates will again become available will be October 1, 2007. At that time, it assumed that the priority dates will again be severely retrogressed for most of the employment-based immigrant visa categories.