In a putative class action, a court denied the defendant’s motion to compel individual arbitration, pending discovery as to the appropriate law governing the dispute and the scope of two potentially applicable agreements between the parties. The dispute surrounded the appropriate charges for propane delivery. Plaintiff, a propane customer, contended that an oral contract existed between him and the company which set the price at a “market rate” and did not include an agreement to arbitrate. The company, on the other hand, contended that the parties’ relationship was governed by a written agreement sent to the customer following the initial propane services, and that the agreement contained a class-waiver arbitration clause. The court found that it lacked sufficient facts to determine both which state laws and which of the two purported contracts applied. The court denied the motion to compel arbitration and ordered “limited discovery as to the appropriate choice-of-law as well as the scope of the oral and Master Agreements.” Howard v. Ferrellgas Partners, L.P., Case No. 10-02555 (USDC D. Kan. Aug. 27, 2012).