Pursuant to its announcement earlier this year that it would analyze the market volatility (flash crash) of May 6, the Investment Industry Regulatory Organization of Canada (IIROC) yesterday released the results of its regulatory review. IIROC's report identified a number of factors that contributed to the fateful day's trading patterns in the securities reviewed, notably, the existence of large sell imbalances, electronic trading activity in the securities, the fact that "traditional" market makers were generally not active in the securities reviewed and the triggering of stop loss orders.

IIROC ultimately made a number of recommendations to address the issues identified, including: (i) a review of the current market-wide circuit breaker to determine whether trigger levels are appropriate and whether an independent Canadian circuit breaker level should be employed; (ii) considering whether single stock circuit breakers should be implemented; (iii) the adoption of volatility controls; (iv) considering how to effectively manage stop loss orders in the current multi-market and high-speed environment; and (v) a review of the erroneous and unreasonable price policies and procedures.

IIROC is expecting to issue a request for comments on a single stock circuit breaker in the near future. IIROC also stated that a review of the current erroneous and unreasonable price policies and procedures is currently underway and a notice will be published for comment when completed. Guidance is expected to be issued respecting the use of stop loss orders, while news on the other recommendations will be provided as work is completed.