U.K. beauty industry watchers have reportedly noted an increase in the number of products highlighting their “gluten-free credentials” on product labels, and some believe that the trend will only accelerate given consumer interest in a gluten-free lifestyle. Coeliac UK has indicated, however, that “gluten will only cause a problem if you eat it; it cannot be absorbed through the skin,” and that the level ingested, for example from lip balm or lipstick, would be insufficient to cause problems. Some companies have not adopted the labeling because they are unconvinced that gluten content in cosmetic products is relevant to most consumers.

Pravera Ltd. Founder Graeme Hume, whose company distributes the Lavera brand in the United Kingdom, noted that “even those who are allergic to gluten in food can often tolerate it in skincare formulations” and, because only so much information can be included on packaging, the company has decided not to address gluten content on its labeling. Other producers, such as Aubrey, are using gluten-free symbols, finding that consumers are looking for this type of mark on a product. Au Naturel Director of Operations Gianni Quaglieri was quoted as saying, “Some people feel that if they are gluten intolerant they don’t want to have anything to do with gluten. We’re giving them the option and offering that service if they’re looking for a gluten-free product—it’s a question of making your own mind up really.” See Natural Products News, August 12, 2014.