The European Commission has accepted the National Allocation Plans (NAPs) of Belgium and the Netherlands for the 2008-2012 trading period on condition that certain changes are made. These include a reduction in the total number of emission allowances (one allowance corresponds to one tonne of CO2) for Belgium from 63.3 to 58.5 and for the Netherlands from 90.4 to 85.8 million tonnes of CO2. Another condition is that they eliminate the possibility of changing the number of allowances in total or per installation in the NAP after its final adoption. The NAPs determine for each Member State the “cap” on the total amount of CO2 that installations covered by the EU Emissions Trading Scheme can emit, and set out how many CO2 emission allowances each plant will receive. In November 2006 the Commission accepted the NAPs of ten EU Member States subject to similar conditions. (See Brussels Brief of 1 December 2006).