At the UAW’s annual National Community Action Program Legislative Conference, UAW President Bob King told the delegates that building global networks and coalitions with allies in other unions are essential for ultimately strengthening the UAW and more effectively winning better wages, benefits, pensions, and working conditions for its membership. King highlighted UAW’s partnership with UNITE HERE as helping sway gaming industry companies to agree to organizing neutrality and card check recognition as an example of such beneficial coalition building. He praised recent contact negotiations with the big three automakers that returned 20,000 jobs back to the United States from Mexico. King further spoke about the progress made through efforts to get out the vote for political candidates who support union causes. Vice-President Joseph Biden also addressed delegates at the conference calling collective bargaining the bedrock of the US economy, and equated the decline in unionization since the 1970s with an average decline in wages over the same period. Vice-President Biden also praised the UAW’s activism on behalf of workers, whether or not in their membership ranks.