As you may know, if the Legislature and the Governor have not reached an agreement on the budget by June 30, 2011, some of the government offices of the State of Minnesota may shut down. If a shutdown occurs, services deemed nonessential will be discontinued until a budget agreement is reached. This means we may be unable to file any documents or obtain any information from certain State offices, possibly including the Secretary of State’s Office, the Attorney General’s Office, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Revenue, and the Department of Public Safety Driver and Vehicle Services. In addition, State websites will likely not be available, and information and functions typically provided on such websites will not be accessible (e.g., information regarding business entities, license renewals, etc.). It is unclear at this time whether the court system will operate.

We recommend you plan ahead wherever possible to minimize the impact of a shutdown should it occur. For example, if you will require any documentation that the State provides, obtain that documentation now. If you need to obtain any UCC searches or file any financing statements or amendments, including continuations, file them in June if possible. Consider whether there are other matters that should be taken care of prior to June 30, such as vehicle registrations, assumed name filings, or amendments to your governing documents. Any essential actions should be completed as soon as possible in June to ensure processing prior to a shutdown. We anticipate there will be a high volume of activity at State agencies as June 30 approaches, and the State will not have increased staff.