The Board recently ruled on objections to parties demonstrative exhibits and expunged one party’s demonstratives from the record and ordered that those demonstratives be re-filed without the objectionable material. Specifically, in Idle Free Sys., Inc. v. Bergstrom, Inc., IPR2012-00027, Paper 63 (Oct. 7, 2013), the parties raised objections to each other’s demonstratives for an upcoming hearing. “The Board heard arguments from each party. Counsel for Petitioner could not identify where in the record the specific arguments contained on Petitioner’s slides 6 and 7 already exist. Pointing out that unpatentability of the claim is at issue in the case is insufficient to justify raising new specific arguments at final hearing.” Thus, parties should be cautious when preparing their demonstratives and be prepared to identify the basis in the record for each of the demonstratives and arguments presented in those demonstratives.