The Public Guardian is launching new arrangements for the supervision of professional guardians who have five or more property and financial guardianships. It is hoped that the new scheme will bring time savings and cost benefits. One would anticipate that it will bring savings and benefits not only for the Public Guardian’s Office, but for qualifying professional guardians and the estates under their care. At present there is no differentiation between professional guardians holding multiple guardianships, and other guardians holding a single guardianship. The requirements for full annual account review apply to every guardianship.

In the case of professional guardians holding five or more financial guardianships, in future the Office of the Public Guardian will no longer undertake a full  annual  account review in   every case. Instead,  random samples will be selected.  If the outcome of the audits of these is satisfactory, for all other guardianships and other years the Office of the Public Guardian will accept a covering one-page summary sheet only.