A federal court has reportedly sentenced a former executive at two sewage and wastewater treatment service providers in Louisiana to serve 33 months in prison and pay a $300,000 criminal fine for Clean Water Act (CWA) and permit violations. U.S. v. Pruett, No. 09-112 (W.D. La. sentenced 6/9/10.) A federal jury convicted defendant and one of the providers in January 2011 on six felony violations of the CWA for failing to maintain and provide records on all subdivisions serviced by the provider, and a felony count of effluent violations at one subdivision. Defendant was also found guilty of one misdemeanor/negligent count for failure to provide proper operation and maintenance at one subdivision. The defendant and one service provider were under contract to provide wastewater treatment to six residential subdivisions in Monroe, Louisiana, beginning in 1999. See EPA Press Release, June 9, 2011.