The long awaited draft guidance on the Agency Workers Regulations 2010 is now available. BIS will consider any comments by 15 April before finalising the guidance which is due to be published in final form at the end of April.

The guidance covers:

  • the scope of the Regulations
  • qualifying for equal treatment
  • pay
  • working time and holiday entitlement
  • pregnant workers and new mothers
  • pay between assignments
  • how to identify basic working and employment conditions
  • information, liability and remedies

The guidance is presented in an easy to read style. Some of the more challenging questions have not been addressed and will be left for tribunals and courts to tackle. With the draft guidance now available, hirers and temporary work agencies will be well advised to consider how the Agency Workers Regulations affect them, and take steps now to assess risk, make modifications to existing practices and otherwise ensure compliance in time for the 1 October 2011 implementation date.

To view the full article, click here, and to view the guidance, click here.