The UK Export Control Organisation (“ECO”) has made updates to five UK open general export licences (“OGELs”) and revoked one OGEL, following updates to the EU dual-use control list and changes to EU sanctions regimes.

The amended OGELs, which all apply to dual-use items, are the following:

• Export after exhibition;
• Export after repair/replacement under warranty;
• Export for repair/replacement under warranty;
• PCBs and components; and
• Oil and gas exploration.

The main amendments are as follows:

• updates to the goods schedules in each of the above, reflecting the amendments to the EU dual-use control list brought in by Council Delegated Regulation (EU) 2016/1969; and

• removal of Côte d’Ivoire and Liberia from the list of prohibited destinations under the OGEL for PCBs and components for dual-use items, following the lifting of EU sanctions in June 2016.

The “international non-proliferation regime decontrols: dual-use items” OGEL has been revoked.

Exporters making use of any of the licences above should assess whether they now require an individual licence, whether their goods are no longer subject to controls, or whether any other changes are necessary in order to reflect the changes.

The ECO’s Notice to exporters in relation to these changes is available here.