A number of companies from the Russian-German Trade Chamber (e.g. Mercedes-Benz Rus, Siemens, Deutsche Bank) have committed to a Russia-focused ‘Initiative for implementing the principles of corporate ethics in the commercial activities in the Russian Federation’ and an international ‘Principles of fighting bribe-taking’.

Participant companies must identify areas of business with high corruption risks and to ban the use of bribes in their operations, directly or through intermediaries under the control of the company. The companies have also agreed to refrain from covert forms of bribery such as making donations to support political parties or charitable organisations.

Company heads must lead with a zero-tolerance policy for any form of bribe-taking and companies are obliged to inform participant companies if they become involved in bribery. Disputes will be reviewed by a special council. Participant companies will meet at least once a year to analyse their anti-corruption experiences and to make necessary changes to documents.