On June 19, UrtheCast Corp. (UrtheCast), which operates Earth observation cameras on the Russian segment of the International Space Station, announced plans to develop the world’s first fully-integrated, multispectral optical and radar constellation of imaging satellites. Expected to be deployed over multiple launches in 2019 and 2020, the constellation will consist of at least 16 satellites in two orbital planes. The satellites will operate in pairs, with one satellite in each pair carrying a high-resolution camera and the other equipped with an L- and X-band Synthetic Aperture Radar. UrtheCast has selected Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. to manufacture the satellite platforms and the optical camera and radar payloads for the constellation. In a related development, UrtheCast announced on June 22 that it entered an agreement with Elecnor, S.A. to acquire the Deimos imaging business, including two satellites, Deimos-1 and Deimos-2 – both already in orbit – for roughly $84.5M.