Early this month, the Wassenaar Arrangement, a group of 41 countries, decided to implement new controls on the export of computer intrusion and surveillance software, equipment, and technology. The new restrictions affect two Wassenaar categories on the dual-use goods and technologies control list. The first addition would restrict the transfer of equipment, software, and technology for the “generation, operation or delivery of, or communication with, ‘intrusion software’” under Category 4 – Computers. The second addition would restrict the transfer of “IP network communications surveillance systems or equipment” and “specially designed components thereof” under Category 5 – Part 1 – Telecommunications. Adopting the Wassenaar Control List is optional for participating countries, but, if a country implements the restrictions, companies that want to export controlled software and equipment will likely have to obtain an export license first. In addition, some countries impose import restrictions based on the Wassenaar Control List, so that is also a possibility with regard to these new provisions.