"We've read the Green & White Papers and there has been much discussion about the proposed new planning system for NSW. Now that the draft legislation is in Parliament, it is important to understand the real effect the proposed changes will have in key areas of the planning system." This was the message from Planning & Environment partner Alice Spizzo to planners and developers at this morning's client briefing.

During the briefing, Alice Spizzo and Breellen Warry explained the key issues in the draft legislation that planners and developers should be aware of, including: 

  • ICAC concerns 
  • Amendment to strategic documents 
  • Significance of economic, social and environmental factors 
  • Community consultation 
  • Strategic planning 
  • Development Assessment 
  • Infrastructure contributions

Where to from here?

The Planning Bill has passed through the Lower House of New South Wales Parliament and debate commenced in the Upper House last night. If it passes through the Upper House, the Bill will become law. Passage through the Upper House will require support from either the cross benchers or the Opposition (which opposed it in the Lower House).  At this stage, both the Opposition and cross benchers have indicated that they would like to make amendments to the Bill.