On 1 March 2017 the main provisions of the Trade Union Act 2016 will be brought into force.

The provisions include:

  • a minimum threshold of a 50% turnout of eligible voters in ballots before any industrial action can proceed
  • an additional requirement that at least 40% of those eligible to vote must have voted in favour before any industrial action in respect of 'important public services' can proceed. ('important public services' include health services, education of those aged under 17, fire services, transport services, border security and decommissioning of nuclear installations and management of radioactive waste and spent fuel)
  • new requirements regarding the information that must be included on the ballot paper and the information to be provided to members about the result of the ballot
  • two weeks’ notice to be given to employers of industrial action
  • union supervision of picketing
  • publication requirements in relation to facility time
  • a restriction on deduction of trade union subscriptions from wages payable to workers in public sector

To see the full list of Trade Union Act 2016 provisions coming into force on 1 March 2017, please click the link.