The Czech food company Hamé, producing one of the most famous pâtés in the Czech Republic, holds around 30% of the pâté market in the Russian Federation. Pâtés are sold under the brand Hamé, registered as a trade mark. In November 2009, a local company Ruzkom launched pâtés under the brand "Naše", which written in the Cyrillic alphabet and in the same graphic layout looked almost identical to Hamé’s product presentation. The overall similarity of Hamé's and Ruzkom's products was striking. The company Hamé sought defence via an arbitration court, but surprisingly arbiters did not acknowledge Hamé's claims. Hamé's legal representative even commented that the decision was shocking and its marketing director said that the decision was motivated by the fact that Hamé is not owned by Russians. Nonetheless, Hamé sought protection at the Russian court of law. In April 2013 a final judgement was announced, which ordered Ruzkom to pay Hamé approximately EUR 212,000 as compensation and forbids Ruzkom to produce counterfeits.