Multi agency initiatives to tackle rogue trading: An evaluation of data sharing initiatives by regulators has been published by the Department for Communities and Local Government, plus details of various coordinated enforcement activities. 
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Use of genome sequencing to detect food fraud:The FSA Chief Scientific Officer has highlighted the potential of whole genome sequencing to trace disease outbreaks and detect food fraud. View >

Scale of anti-microbial resistance: George Osborne suggested that anti-microbial resistance might cost the global economy 3.5% of GDP by 2050. View >

Scientific assessment of sulfites: EFSA has decided to leave current usage levels unchanged but to gather more data and reassess within 5 years.View >

Illegal fish campaign: The Marine Management Organisation has launched a campaign to tackle sale and use of illegally caught fish. View >

Folic acid fortification: The US Food and Drugs Administration has authorised the addition of folic acid to corn masa flour. View >

TTIP Negotiations 13th round: EU DG Trade has published information ahead of the next round of negotiations on 25-29 April. View >

Data protection burdens: Business Europe has claimed data protection burdens on business will increase following European Parliament agreement of new data rules. View >

Consumer understanding of transactions: The Financial Conduct Authority has published information following research on this topic. View >