On 9 October 2013, EIOPA published the Action Plan 2014 / 15 for Colleges of supervisors (the Action Plan) and the list of cross-border insurance and re-insurance groups for which a College is in place (the List).

The focus of the Action Plan is the further development of consistent risk-based supervision according to Solvency II requirements. One of the goals is to reach a shared view on the assessment of the risk exposure of the group and its major solo entities. Colleges will also discuss and review the progress and consistency of the application of the Solvency II preparatory guidelines at group and solo level. The number of insurance groups increased from 90 in 2012 to 92 in 2013. The List aims at increased transparency and ensuring that non-EEA supervisors are aware of the existence of a College for a particular group. This is the second year that EIOPA has published the List.

Please click here to view the full text of the Action Plan and the List.