On 5 November the CAT published the transcript of a case management conference in relation to three appeals brought by BT and Everything Everywhere against Ofcom regarding the dispute over termination charges for 080 and 0845/0870 numbers, detailed in our October bulletin.

The CAT has ordered that all three appeals will be heard together in April 2011. It has allowed for interventions in the appeals (BT and Everything Everywhere have been granted leave to intervene in each other's appeal in the 0845/0870 case and Vodafone, O2, Hutchison 3G, Opal Telecom and Cable & Wireless have also been given leave to intervene in the 0845/0870 appeals), an order has been made extending the confidentiality ring established in the 080 case to the other appeals and a timetable has been set for the service and submission of documents up to the hearing.

The CAT also published a Court of Appeal order dated 29 October 2010 permitting Ofcom to appeal against the CAT’s ruling from July on the admissibility of some BT evidence in the 080 appeal.

5 November 2010