The Government ICT Roadmap - Common Capabilities was launched on 18 August 2011 by the Minister for Internal Affairs Nathan Guy.  The ICT Roadmap outlines the future direction for the development of common ICT capabilities across government that will enable the implementation of the "Directions and Priorities for Government ICT" (a medium-term strategy for how central government will more collectively lead the use, development and purchasing of government ICT over the next three years).

Some key initiatives that are identified in the ICT Roadmap for the next 12 months include:

  •  an igovt logon enabled integration of the and sites which allows users to create job profiles similar to those used on the site
  • Infrastructure as a service (IaaS):  on-demand infrastructure capability including pay-as-you-go housing, servers, storage and networking services
  • Online public consultation service:  a single online space for public consultation by government which includes functionality for discussion forums and online public submissions
  • Identity data validation service:  a system-to-system service that will enable agencies to verify identification data against the source information held by the Department of Internal Affairs.

The ICT Roadmap will be updated every 6 months.  For more information on the ICT Roadmap click here, and for more information on the Directions and Priorities for Government ICT click here.