Many hundreds of new internet domain name suffixes will soon start to become available. The new ‘top level domains’ (TLDs) are equivalent to .com, .net or .org.  

Whilst many of the new TLDs will be ‘closed’, most will be for generic domain suffixes (e.g. .shop, .bank and .cloud) and so will probably be ‘open’ to the world to register, thus raising concerns about the possible abuse of trade mark rights. 

In order to try to address these concerns, the Trademark Clearinghouse (‘TMCH’) has been launched to verify trademark data from multiple global regions and to maintain a database with the verified trademark records. 

 Trade mark owners that have registered their marks with the TMCH will receive notifications when another party applies to register a domain name with a new TLD suffix that is an identical match to their trade mark(s).  Owners who have registered with TMCH will also be able register domains in the ‘sunrise period’ before domains for each new TLD go on general release. 

Please see our briefing sheet for more comprehensive information on the TMCH, the registration process and costs.