Today, in what appears to be one of last chapters in the Fortis saga, the European Commission (EC) has approved the additional aid measures provided by Belgium as part of the recent Fortis SA/NV and Fortis N.V. shareholder-approved amendments to the agreements between Fortis Holding, BNP Paribas (BNP), Fortis Bank and Belgium over the partial breakup of Fortis Holding. The additional aid measures include Belgium's (i) acceptance of a larger part of the risk of Royal Park Investments (the investment vehicle which will purchase impaired assets from Fortis Bank), (ii) offer to provide guarantees on a new €1 billion loan from Fortis Bank to Fortis Holding, (iii) provision to Fortis Holding of a call option on the approximate 121.2 million BNP shares Belgium would acquire as part of the agreements, and (iv) provision of a mezzanine guarantee to Fortis Bank, also called a "second loss guarantee," on the structured credit portfolio retained by Fortis Bank. The EC found that Fortis Bank "would be made viable through its combination" with BNP.