The new Green Paper “Shaping the Future of Care Together” sets out the Government’s proposals for ways to reform the care and support systems for adults in England. It plans to build the first “National Care Service” which will be fair, simple and affordable.  

It is accepted that the current system of social care has been created by a series of incremental steps and not as a result of large reform like the NHS. The feedback from individuals is that the current system seems unfair to many people with large numbers being expected to pay for all their own care with no support from the state.  

In order to make the new system a reality, suggested changes include more cohesion between various services such as health, housing, social care and the disability benefits system. The Government proposes to facilitate a coalition between the NHS and the new “National Care Service”. The intention is that people will receive appropriate care in the right setting.  

Three funding options have been put forward for the National Care Service. These are:  

  1. Partnership Individuals will be supported by the Government for around a quarter to a third of the cost of their care and support, or more if they have a low income.
  2. Insurance As well as providing a quarter to a third of the cost, the Government will also make it easier for people to take out private or state insurance to cover their remaining costs.  
  3. Comprehensive Under this scheme, everyone over retirement age would be required to contribute to a state insurance scheme which would result in provision of free care and support when needed.  

Consultation is scheduled to continue until the end of October and campaigners have welcomed plans to overhaul the system. The Green Paper can be accessed here.