The European Ombudsman has concluded his investigation into a complaint of maladministration in relation to a tender to develop and strengthen the public procurement system in Montenegro. The complainant was a bidder, who had been shortlisted and invited to submit a detailed tender offer. However, before the results were officially announced, the complainant discovered that its tender had been eliminated during technical evaluation. The complainant asked the Ombudsman to carry out an investigation into the conduct of the bid, alleging that there was a failure to act impartially and challenging the grounds for rejection of its tender. In particular, the complainant alleged that there was a conflict of interest on the basis of a “past controversial relationship” between the bidder and the Chairman of the evaluation committee. The Ombudsman concluded that it was “regrettable” that the Commission did not investigate the alleged conflict as soon as it had been made aware of it, but found no evidence of lack of impartiality. The Ombudsman found that there was a breach of confidentiality in relation to the outcome of the procedure but he was critical of the Commission for alleging that the complainant had “attempted to obtain confidential information” when the Commission’s own inquiry had failed to determine how the information was leaked.