The Official Gazette of the Republic of Paraguay recently published Law No. 5.810 / 17 “Securities Market” which regulates the public offering of securities and their issues, public offering securities, stock exchanges, stock exchanges, and in general , The other participants in the stock market, as well as the National Securities Commission.

It should be mentioned that these regulations do not apply to the emissions made by the Executive through the Ministry of Finance or the Central Bank of Paraguay.

The new law maintains in force the articles of the Civil Code and Law No. 1163/97 "That regulates the establishment of Stock Markets" that do not contradict the recently enacted law. On the other hand, Law No. 1284/98 of "Stock Market" and Art. 122 of Law No. 1,034 / 83 "Trader's Law" are repealed. A copy of the law can be requested from the contacts below.