The Flemish government has decided in principle to amend the Energy Decision with respect to the support regime for energy production through biomass.

The proposal amends the Energy Decision by introducing stricter sustainability criteria for solid and gaseous biomass. It has been reported that only plants using biomass which is sustainable from an ecological, economic and social perspective will qualify for support.

The proposal introduces a biomass certification and amends the granting of renewable energy certificates.

In addition, the proposal introduces “Indirect Land Use Change” conditions. Indirect Land Use Changes (or ILUC) refers to the process whereby biofuel production takes place on cropland previously used for other agriculture. The agricultural production could then be displaced to previously non-cropland such as grassland and forests. This process risks negating the greenhouse gas savings that result from biofuels.

The amendment proposal will now be sent to the SERV and MINA councils for advice. To be updated in due course…