Act 249 of 2016 requires that the Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (“ADEQ”) periodically provide certain information to the Arkansas Legislative Council.

The agency in an October 14th letter to Senator Bill Sample, Co-Chair, and Representative David Branscum, Co-Chair, of the Arkansas Legislative Council, provided the following information:

  1. number and type of environmental permits currently authorized by the Department of Pollution Control and Ecology Commission in each environmental permit category,
  2. total funds collected from permit fees for each permit category and the percent increase or decrease in permit fees annually,
  3. description of each environmental permit application pending in each environmental permit category, the number of days each permit has been pending, and the reasons for delays in issuing permits for each permit that has been pending for more than 45 days,
  4. number and type of enforcement actions initiated by the Department, the geographic location of each violation and the total fines and collections from Supplemental Environmental Projects, the percent increase or decrease in fines levied annually, and
  5. description of all pending rulemaking activities and justifications thereof, including economic impact and environmental benefit analysis.

ADEQ states that the information provided in the letter covers the period July 1 through September 30, 2016.

A copy of the 41-page letter provided to Senator Sample and Representative Branscum can be downloaded here.