In March 2013, the following EU Classification Regulations were published:  

  • Commission Implementing Regulation 273/2013 – classifying three types of so-called ‘body composition analysers’ with weighing and measuring components. The first product featuring a measurement system with 2 electrodes is classified as a personal weighing machine under Combined Nomenclature (CN) code 8423 10 90. The two other types of body composition analysers using specific 8-electrode measurement technology are classified under CN code 9031 80 38 as “other electronic measuring instruments”.
  • Commission Implementing Regulation 274/2013 – classifying a colour liquid crystal display (LCD) module designed for incorporation into a dashboard of a motor vehicle for displaying video signals, under CN code 8529 90 92 as a part suitable for use solely or principally with apparatus of heading 8528.
  • Commission Implementing Regulation 275/2013 – classifying an LCD module equipped with printed circuits for pixel addressing and a backlight, designed for incorporation in, for example, media players or radio receivers under CN code 8548 90 90 as electrical parts of machinery or apparatus, not specified or included elsewhere in Chapter 85
  • . Commission Implementing Regulation 276/2013 – classifying a decking board made of wood composite filler and recycled plastics (among other materials), under CN code 3918 90 00 as floor coverings of plastics.
  • Commission Implementing Regulation 277/2013 – classifying a plastic insulating body of a connector, intended to isolate and hold in place electric wires with connections or contact elements at the ends, under CN code 8547 20 00 as insulating fittings of plastics.
  • Commission Implementing Regulation 278/2013 – classifying a metal box with a detachable plastic bottle-shaped inlay designed to be used as a package for a bottle of wine (but presented without the wine bottle), under CN code 7326 90 98 as other articles of iron or steel.
  • Commission Implementing Regulation 279/2013 – classifying a flexible tube made of polyamide with a transparent tail end, which is intended to be used by medical professionals to insert a ‘stent’ into the human body (but will not be left in the body after use), under CN code 3917 39 00 as other tubes of plastics.