ECB publishes fifth T2S report: EBA has published its fifth T2S harmonisation progress report to record the progress made following the first migration wave, as of March. The report shows good progress, with expected full compliance by the markets in the first T2S wave by the 22 June deadline. It notes the main outstanding area for attention is in the standards relating to settlement discipline. ECB plans the sixth T2S harmonisation progress report before the next T2S migration wave, scheduled for March 2016 (Source: Fifth T2S Harmonisation Progress Report

ECB announces fees: ECB has decided its supervisory fees for banking supervision in 2014/15. The total amount that ECB intends to recover for the costs of its prudential supervision of banks in the euro area for that year is €326 million. 89% of this will come from the 123 significant banks directly supervised by ECB. The remaining amount will come from the approximately 3,500 less significant banks indirectly supervised by ECB. At bank level, the fees will be calculated according to a bank’s importance and risk profile. All euro area banks must supply the data for calculating their specific fees by 1 July. ECB will then allocate the total fees for each individual bank and send invoices in late 2015. (Source: ECB Banking Supervision Decides Supervisory Fees for 2014-15)