The Québec Ministry of Natural Resources and Wildlife has put in place a program with a duration of two years that is open to private enterprise, universities, colleges and non-profit organisms and which is dedicated to the development of new green energy technologies. The program is also aimed at contributing to the development of enterprises and job creation in this sector.

The program is intended to stimulate research and innovation activities, promote the demonstration of new green energy technologies and contribute to the development of enterprises and job creation in the green energy sector. The green energy technologies aimed by the program are those emerging technologies relative to the production of green and renewable energies, as well as other new technologies (electric vehicles, for example) to be used in the medium and long term.

The program does not apply to projects relative to new environmental applications of existing green energy technologies. The program thus aims, namely, solar energy, wind turbines, geothermal energy, hydrogen, bioenergies. The projects will be assessed according to their energy potential, technical and economic feasibility and socio-economic and environmental advantages. The financial aid available for research and innovation can reach 80% of admissible recognized expenses with a non-refundable maximum contribution of $100,000. With respect to demonstration of these new technologies, financial aid can reach a maximum level of 50% of admissible expenses with a maximum level of financial aid of 40% for expenses exceeding $500,000 of admissible recognized expenses. The maximum amount can reach $1,000,000. More information regarding the program can be found at the above link.

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