On August 19, 2015, the Single Resolution Board published a decision from its plenary and executive sessions of April 29, 2015 adopting its rules of procedure. The SRB works closely with the resolution authorities of EU member states that participate in the Single Supervisory Mechanism, the European Central Bank and the European Commission to ensure the orderly resolution of banks that are failing or likely to fail and to prevent any negative impact on the economy that could arise from such failings. The SRB has been operational in developing resolution plans for banks since January 1, 2015 and will be fully operational with a comprehensive set of resolution powers from January 2016. The SRB’s rules of procedure supplement the Singe Resolution Mechanism Resolution and include details on the SRB’s chairmanship, attendance of members at meetings, decision-making and voting.

The SRB decisions are available at: http://srb.europa.eu/docs/srb-rules-of-procedure-plenary-session_en.pdf and http://srb.europa.eu/docs/srb-rules-of-procedure-executive-session_en.pdf