The USPTO recently launched a Global Patent Search Network (GPSN), making available full-text machine translations of Chinese patent documents. The original collection of the data includes published applications, granted patents, and utility models from 2008-2011, and the collection will be updated as new data becomes available, presumably by the addition of both newer and older patent documents.

The GPSN site can be accessed through the USPTO link , and a FACS and instruction supplement is available at The documents on the site can be searched by word terms, dates, and patent/publication numbers, and the usual Boolean operators are available for more advanced searches. A search for "stent" within ten words of heart, specified as "stent" ~ 10 "heart," for example, returned 480 patent documents. The results are listed by title, ID, and publication date, and allow the user to further limit the retrieved documents by year, inventor, or IPCR Code. For each document, the user can call up the abstract and highlights, e.g., claims, or the full text of the document.